Started development of JINDO SWAP

1 min readJun 9, 2021

Starting today, we will start developing JINDO SWAP.

The development process is as follows:

  1. Development design — 90% COMPLETED (NOW)
  2. Back-end Development (Smart Contract)
  3. Front-end development (UI)
  4. Connect backend and frontend
  5. Repeat test and smart contract stability check
  6. Launched when judged to be completely safe

The expected development period is 3–4 months. However, it may be delayed depending on various circumstances. It is expected to be completed before 2022 at the latest.

It is impossible to disclose smart contract code in the middle of development. Because there is a risk of hacking and a risk of copying. Therefore, when we reach the stage of UI completion, we will release several images.

We plan to add many features to give many advantages to JIND holders.

The atmosphere in the current cryptocurrency market is not good.Still, we will not stop developing. We are all one family. Let’s work together to send JIND to Mars.

We will get to Mars together. To do that, the whole JIND family must work hard. We will be working hard on the development we are in charge of.

Jindo family, Let’s do our best.