JINDO SWAP development status.

Jun 20, 2021


  1. Development design — COMPLETED
  2. Back-end Development (Smart Contract) — 60% DONE (NOW)
  3. Front-end development (UI)
  4. Connect backend and frontend
  5. Repeat test and smart contract stability check
  6. Launched when judged to be completely safe

Additionally, 85% of the profits from JINDO SWAP will be burned after purchasing JIND tokens. This is done monthly and details are posted monthly on MEDIUM.

The remaining 15% ​​is used for marketing and team members’ salaries.

If the profits of JINDO SWAP are used to purchase and burn JIND tokens, I think the scarcity of JIND tokens will increase.

Also, after the JINDO SWAP is relaxed, We plan to add some functions that can only be used by JIND holders one after another.

When the front-end work is finished, we will share the photos quickly.

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