• To solve the low liquidity pool
  • In order to give bigger rewards to existing holders
  • To reduce price fluctuations due to low liquidity
  • In order to prevent whale dumping as much as possible
Do not trade on pancakeswap until we provide liquidity. We add liquidity on the 29th

If you have old jind on the exchange,
It will be swapped automatically.

Please check the notice to be posted on the each exchange for details.

If you have JIND on (coinsbit, indoex), withdraw and proceed with the swap ON OUR SWAP PAGE.

Click the upper right button
Click ‘+’ button
Enter the token information and click the save button
  • contract : 0x5fEAD99998788AC1BCA768796483d899F1Aef4c4
  • name : JINDO INU
  • symbol : JIND
  • decimals : 9

Phase 1
- NEW Token Generation
- Disclosure of own token migration site, (site providing 1:1 ratio token swap)
- Token Migration Ads ,AMA ( OUR Main chat room)
- Migration consultation and progress with exchanges

Phase 2 ( when phase1 done)
- CMC,CG Request for information change
(It may take a few days)
- Change WEBSITE , WHITEPAPER , various information , etcetc

Phase 3 ( when phase2 done)
- Swap stop replacing old jind with new jind.(JULY 29TH)
- Before we sell the old jind we have collected, we record the number of jind and bnb in the current pool.
- Selling the old jind we collected.
- Provides new jind liquidity.(We put in as many new jind and bnb as we recorded.)
- Start trading on Pancake Swap and several exchanges

  • We cannot reward holders who have not migrated, so please make sure to swap tokens within the specified period

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