Airdrop for those who couldn’t swap


Airdrops have been made for those who could not swap. As of the current snapshot, only the top 6300 holders have been airdropped, and the remaining holders will be airdropped little by little.

The top 6300 holders own 99% of the old jind.

The number of wallets that have swapped or no longer have a meaningful jind is 30,000.

Excluding the top 6300 holders : SEP 15TH

Q.Why can’t WE do it all at once?

A. Currently, airdrop transfer fees are high, so we plan to airdrop to holders who have not received additional airdrops as soon as we have the ability to pay.

Q. Why are there fewer numbers in NEW JIND?

A. Currently, our NEW JIND has a transaction fee of 12%.
The fee is charged twice because the transfer occurs twice.

And since the amount at the time of the snapshot was reflected, the amount of tokens distributed after the snapshot was not reflected.

If the token is not visible in your wallet, please add it

  • contract : 0x5fEAD99998788AC1BCA768796483d899F1Aef4c4
  • name : JINDO INU
  • symbol : JIND
  • decimals : 9

About SWAP Development

Currently, SMART CONTRACT and approximate FRONT END have been completed.

We will continue to update ui/ux and functional parts.

We plan to receive AUDIT as the remaining stage and officially release SWAP.

First of all, farming that can farm JIND with JIND-BNB LP is supported.

JIND’s own Farming Token will be created before October.

It is a token that can only be obtained by farming.

There is no pre-sale, and it will be created only by farming.

The expected name is rJIND.

High apr will be provided for rJIND farming for holders of JIND.

Details will be announced as development progresses.

The release is expected at the end of August, but it may be delayed depending on when the audit is completed.

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