2 min readJul 29, 2021

Swap for new tokens ends at JULY 29TH 00:00 UTC +0

Q. What about those who can’t swap?

A. We took a snapshot for those who couldn’t swap and we plan to airdrop on the 20th of August.

There are many holders who have not been able to swap during this period.

So, we plan to airdrop the same amount of NEW JIND to holders who did not proceed with the swap.

But please remember, since the transaction fee of NEW JIND is currently 12%, those who receive it through airdrop will receive NEW JIND equivalent to 88% of the amount of OLD JIND they currently have.

We have already taken snapshots of those who could not proceed with the swap.

We will airdrop on August 25th. for those who couldn’t swap

Q. Why do it on the 25th?

A. This is because airdrops cost a lot, so WE have to collect money.

* Only holders who did not swap during the swap period will receive an airdrop.

*If you buy an old jind after july 29th 00:00 , it will not receive airdrops.

JIND NFTMARKET PLACE (Korean language) is open.


People can create and sell NFTs and even auction them.

Language support will be gradually increased. After sufficient testing and planning

JINDO swap is scheduled to launch at the end of August.

But for safe code, We think it is right to launch it after receiving an audit.

Many people are looking for certik audits.

But we don’t have the money to do a certik audit yet.

Please understand that the launch may be delayed for a safe launch if the money collection is slow.

Thanks for reading